EBOOK: Aplicando FMEA para Gestão de Riscos e Oportunidades na ISO 9001

Neste trabalho apresento detalhadamente o BUSINESS RISK FMEA (BR FMEA), uma variação do FMEA apta a realizar o processo completo de Gestão de Riscos dentro de um Sistema de Gestão da Qualidade.

Why use FMEA for Risk Management in ISO 9001:2015 by Gregório Suarez

The 2015 review of ISO 9001 has the clear strategic vision of reflecting the strong changes in the business environment, increasingly complex and dynamic, and therefore it presents a set of requirements able to support companies for a few years in this new scenario.
But among these changes stands out the introduction in item 0.3.3 of “Risk-based thinking”.
This change implies the introduction of a completely new process:
the Risk Management, with unique terminology and tools.
The challenge for managers and those responsible for Quality is to decipher this activity, identifying and implementing appropriate mechanisms and activities to their company.
The purpose of this article is to develop and present a methodology able to meet this requirement properly in an effective way for the company.